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Wage Agreement Form
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Wage Agreement form

Financial Agreement

This agreement contains the financial terms which are agreed between

Stacey Dahdah of Dahdah Daycare and______________________________

Child care is to be provided to __________________________________________

The hours and days we have agreed that the child will be in care are as follows:

Monday _____________________(am/pm) to ____________________ (am/pm)

Tuesday ____________________(am/pm) to ____________________ (am/pm)

Wednesday __________________(am/pm) to ____________________ (am/pm)

Thursday ___________________(am/pm) to ____________________ (am/pm)

Friday ______________________(am/pm) to ____________________ (am/pm)

* If there are any changes to this schedule, the caregiver/parent will be notified as soon as possible.

Parents agree to pay caregiver according to schedule. The amount we have agreed upon is as follows:

_____________________ per day

_____________________ per week

_____________________ per hour

Payments will be made ______ weekly or ______ other. (Check whichever applies)

Payments are to be made by _______ cash or _______ cheque

I understand that when my childcare tuitions are not made in a timely fashion, that may result in termination of care.

I understand that upon any such termination I will still owe my caregiver any monies due to her for childcare services rendered, and all other applicable fees.

This agreement will come into effect on: ___________________________________

Caregiver's Signature: _________________________________________________

Parent's Signature: ___________________________________________________

Other Witness: _______________________________________________________

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