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Why Home Child Care?
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Why Home Child Care?

These are many of the advantages of choosing an in-home childcare provider and facility.

In home daycare is also known as family daycare. There are over 280,000 in home daycares in the United States. Almost 3 times the child care centers. We care for almost 21 million children under the age of 6 years old, known as the preschool years.

In home daycare is used by parents for many reasons. Daycare centers are full, they don't want the children with ageing relatives and It may be more cost effective. Whatever the reason, homecare has often been a hard decision to make.

Providers are all diverse and have individuality, so It is a good idea to explore all of the providers listed and then choose one closest to meeting your families needs.

Advantages are:

1.) The provider cares for only a small amount of children, therefore giving each child as much individual time to meet their needs balanced with being able to develop social skills with the other playmates enrolled which are their friends.

2.) In home daycare, is the closest substitute care to being at home. The one on one care and stability a child feels when he or she connects with a provider, is essential in growing emotionally. The family home environment is a great advantage for any child that depends on us for their care.

3.) In home daycare, seems to be the least expensive compared to big daycare group homes and big centers. Some in home providers charge more but if they are educated in early child hood development and continuing to build their knowledge, then they are worth their weight in gold.

4.) Daily activities are scheduled but flexible enough to allow plenty of time to finish out activities with goals.

5.) Flexible menu's around the children's likings of favorite foods. Foods are not catored in, like hospital and centers do and at meal times, they all sit down and eat together as a"Family like Atmosphere gathering" as family's usually do. Meal times aren't rushed and seconds are of plenty.

6.) Children are exposed to fewer illnesses than a center. Therefore giving the parents less time off of work (which their bosses appreciate).

7.) Many home providers have First Aid, CPR and may even have ECE training. They are moms like you who love children and often started doing homecare in order to stay home with their own children and create a social environment.


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