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DAHDAH DayCare Fee's
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FULL TIME:  $185 per week ( $ 37.00 / day x 5 days) 

PART TIME: (Min. 3 days / week ) = $ 111 per week ($37.00 x 3 days) 

AFTER SCHOOL CARE:  (pick-up from school at 2:30pm, usually a trip to the park, healthy snacks/drinks, daycare play/crafts/games) = $20.00 / day

EMERGENCY BACK UP CARE: (If space is available for the time you need it) $ 37.00 / day

NSF CHEQUES: $ 25.00 per item. All NSF cheques must be replaced with a cash payment that includes this fee and any other fees incurred the following day. (See Handbook for further details)

LATE PICK-UP FEES: $ 5.00 per 30 min. I have a very busy family schedule after 5:30pm, hence the fee is in place to discourage late pick-up.  Please show up no earlier than 7:30am and no later than 5:30pm.

HOURLY RATE, PRE-PLANNED OVERTIME CHARGE: $ 8.00 per hour per child.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: I require a security deposit in the amount of two weeks fees. This deposit will credited towards your last two weeks of childcare when you decide to leave the daycare. See handbook for further details.

A four weeks notice will be given before any increase is put into effect.

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